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Chapter 5 Notes - Chapter 5 International Conflict 1 There...

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Chapter 5: International Conflict 1. There are many types of war and hard to distinguish minor conflicts from war. a. Hegemonic War is a war over the control of the entire world order, rules of the international system as a whole, including the role of the world hegemony (i.e. WWII) i. The entire society becomes the target (i.e. when Germany fire missiles at UK citizens in WWII) ii. Hegemonic War is aka world war, global war, general war, or systemic war b. Limited War includes military actions carried out to gain some objective short of the surrender and occupation of the enemy (i.e. US getting Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991) i. Raids are similar to limited wars and usually involve a quick bombing or such. c. Civil War is a war between two factions within a state trying to create, or prevent, a new government for the entire state or some territorial part of
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