Essay 1 prompt - the commonalities and differences between the two frameworks Your analysis should include a discussion of the strengths and

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Psychology 143 “Intergroup Relations”: Essay #1 Below you will find three options for fulfilling the requirements for essay #1. Choose one of the options and write a 4-6 page essay that addresses the topic. In addressing the topic, be sure to provide analysis and synthesis of the ideas covered; do not simply stop at description. Essays should be double spaced, and 12 point font. You are not required to include a cover page, however, you must have a reference page (which is not included in the 4-6 page limit). Be sure to cite APA style within text and in your reference page. Plagiarism will not be tolerated . Please refer to ( ) for explicit guidelines about plagiarism. Papers are due in hard copy form at the beginning of class on Thursday, April 24th. 1) Compare and contrast two of the theoretical frameworks described by Taylor & Moghaddam (1994) and/or Apfelbaum (1979). Be sure to provide an analysis of
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Unformatted text preview: the commonalities and differences between the two frameworks. Your analysis should include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the theories in terms of their ability to explain different types of intergroup behavior. 2) Describe one of the theories discussed by Taylor & Moghaddam (1994), Apfelbaum (1979), or that was introduced in lecture. Apply this framework to the film “American History X.” Be sure to include race in your analysis as well as an application of at least three concepts described by the theory. 3) Describe the parallels between the perspectives discussed by Apfelbaum (1979), Hurtado (1996), and Kimmel (1993). Be sure to include an analysis of the commonalities and differences, particularly in terms of the ability of the perspectives to explain behavior in an intergroup context....
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