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Writing Group Guidelines - Econ 106 Guidelines and...

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Econ 106 Guidelines and Directions for Writing Groups (borrowed from a UCSC graduate writing course) Purpose The purpose of having you meet in writing groups is for you to find out how real people--as opposed to an abstract, unclearly defined audience--respond to your words. As Peter Elbow notes: "The usefulness [of writing groups] is in bringing to light the whole range of possible effects and meanings in this set of words." Though you may feel uncomfortable "exposing" your ideas and yourself to others, this is an opportunity—perhaps a rare one—for you to enter into a dialogue with your readers and to find out what happens in their heads when they read your writing. You can help each other become better writers by being interested and critical readers and by sharing your knowledge and insights about what makes writing effective for you. You are very valuable resources for each other and can help each other figure out what works and doesn't work in this paper. For writers to get what they need, readers must be willing to read for understanding (or comprehension) and to respond to the writer's questions honestly and fully. Writers most appreciate readers who first try to understand a piece in its own terms before moving on to describe what doesn't work. So, it's enormously useful for the writer to hear a reader summarize what she's just heard--and often gratifying. First steps: Writers: Distribute a hardcopy of the paper to at least two members of your group, your readers. Readers: Read through the paper once making notes as you "talk to the text." Suggestions: • Underline phrases or sentences that seem important and/or well written • Put ? in the margins by places where you get lost or have questions. Put
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Writing Group Guidelines - Econ 106 Guidelines and...

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