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Econ 106 Spring 2008 UCSC Dan Friedman Discussion Questions #1 For Wednesday April 2. 1. What is Malthus' basic argument? 2. To what extent is it consistent with the working definition in these notes? 3. How well do Malthus' conclusions stand up after 200 years? 4. What social policy prescriptions does Malthus offer? 5. Give evolutionary arguments for or against these policy prescriptions.
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Unformatted text preview: For Friday April 4. 1. What themes in Darwin seem familiar from Malthus? What themes are new in Darwin? 2. How does Darwin’s argument fit into the working definition scheme of Notes1? 3. What are the major gaps in Darwin’s argument? What gaps still remain today? 4. In your personal opinion, what are the implications of Darwin’s argument for human society?...
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