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IDS 180 Take Home Essay - Electronic Commerce With an...

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Electronic Commerce With an expanding world today and the advancement of modern technology, the development of electronic commerce has grown tremendously over the past couple years. This internet based way of doing business has attracted many businessmen world wide to venture into the electronic world of doing business. The creation and expansion of E- commerce has allowed many entrepreneurs to risk all they have for the hopes of creating their own business and making money. However, many people fail to achieve complete success and are not able to face the challenges in market via Internet. The possibility for failure in the electronic world is tremendous due to the fact that there are so many different ways to fail in this business. The different ways to fail in the E-commerce market range from basic business mistakes to electronic or legal issues that might have an effect on a business and its activities. To begin, electronic commerce is the buying, selling, transferring or exchanging of products, services or information via computer networks, including the internet. The internet is a global wide area network that connects approximately one million internal organizational computer networks all over the world. E-commerce helps companies advertise and sell their products and services worldwide through the use of networks, like the internet. There are many ways to fail in E-commerce though, like not making wise business decisions from the beginning.
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IDS 180 Take Home Essay - Electronic Commerce With an...

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