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Extra Credit Assignment There are many different discourses in society today and many ways to interpret everyone. What about discourse based on gender and the stereotypes of males and females? A good example of implied gendered discourses is in the nineteenth century poem that expresses a metaphorical gendered message of what boys and girls are made of: “What are little boys made of? Snips of snails, and puppy dog tails That’s what little boys are made of! What are little girls made of?. .. Sugar and spice and all things nice That’s what little girls are made of!” This poem portrays a gendered message that is ingrained into society today. Gender messages have a powerful influence on gender construction and development. The gendered message given in this poem is an example of the feminist view on discourse. First, discourse refers to a set meanings, metaphors, representations, images, stories, statements and so on that in some way together produce a particular version of events. Discourse produces certain truths and shapes behaviors of people. This poem is a set of statements that shape what little boys and girls are made of or how they should be. This poem reflects the feminist view because the “boys will be boys” and “girls will be girls” message portrayed in the poem encourages the feminist view that “it is our natural behavior to act in this way” referring to the different actions of males and females. There are many instances in my life that I could recall being treated in such a manner that reflects the messages given in this poem and these instances are not only of when I was a little boy, but even to the present day. There are many gender differences and similarities that we see in everyday life, like at school, on television, and especially in sports. These discourses are even sometimes manipulated by companies to sell products depending if it is directed to males or females and manipulated by people to get what they want. The message given in this poem has hade a profound effect on American society for decades, providing the basic outline of males and females, but it is all starting to change gradually.
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To begin, let’s start with a brief explanation of what this set of statements means and how it has reflected upon my life. “Snips of snails” represents boys because the outside of a snail is tough and hard to break and snails are dirty in nature always going through mud and whatever gets in its way, kind of like boys in their childhood. Growing up, in my life, I know there were many instances were this poem described my upbringing perfectly. My family has always raised me and treated me as if I was made of “Snips of snails, and puppy dog tails” from the day they first bought me a baseball bat to now when I am getting trouble for some destructive or absurd thing. This is, basically, the stereotype for how little boys are made, but it also has the ability to explain some men in society today. The description expressed in the poem is a cultural practice or belief
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CSP 420 Essay - Extra Credit Assignment There are many...

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