Avoidance Tactics

Avoidance Tactics - Beating Around the "Bush" As...

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Beating Around the “Bush” As the citizens of the United States wait for election- day on the fourth of November, Senator Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are desperately trying to win enough votes for the Democratic nomination. Although every presidential candidate may very well be qualified as President, they may have issues and beliefs that are preferred to be away from the media’s attention. It is natural for an individual to make a mistake; in fact, even significant figures such as Barack Obama may slip up from time to time. When problematic issues are brought into the media’s attention, it is certain that the people will be asking questions. The answer that the interviewee gives will reflect to their appearance therefore they must practice avoidance. Journalism is becoming a tough career to pursue in the 21 st century. Politicians, along with other famous figures, now have the ability to “control an interview to their advantage”. While journalists are carefully drawing out leading questions that seem inevitable, politicians will not budge an inch because they have tactics to defend themselves. They use avoidance tactics such as: question dodging, storytelling, word spreading, answering the easy part, and pitching platitudes. On Monday July 23 rd , 2007, CNN hosted the first Youtube Democratic debate. The first Youtube question came from a citizen living in Portland, Oregon. “I have more of a challenge,
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Avoidance Tactics - Beating Around the "Bush" As...

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