AP Language - Native Son

AP Language - Native Son - Story | Native Son; 1940 Danny...

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Unformatted text preview: Story | Native Son; 1940 Danny Vo Author | Richard Wright; 1908-1960 Protagonist | Bigger Thomas, an African American male hired by a rich white family as their cab driver, who experiences a series of unfortunate events. The eldest son to a single mother and an older brother to Buddy and Vera. Antagonist | Racist White Society Conflict | Throughout the novel Bigger faces the racist white society around him first with fear, then flight, and finally fate. Minor Characters | Buddy Thomas – Bigger’s younger brother who sees bigger as a role-model. Vera Thomas – Bigger’s younger sister who wishes Bigger would just grow up. Mrs. Thomas – Bigger’s mother. Gus, G.H., and Jack – Bigger’s fellow African American friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dalton – rich white famiy who owns the real estate agency that controls the rent on the Thomas’ housing; also hired Bigger as their cab driver. Mary Dalton – daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dalton who gets killed by Bigger and then stuffed into a furnace. Peggy – the Dalton’s housekeeper. Jan Erlone – communist lover of Mary, who Bigger tries to blame for her death. Bessie – Bigger’s girlfriend. Mr. Britten – private detective hired by Mr. Dalton to investigate Mary’s absence. – private detective hired by Mr....
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AP Language - Native Son - Story | Native Son; 1940 Danny...

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