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101 Test 1 Study guide - the questions on the test will be...

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Japan 101 Study guide for Test 1 Test 1 covers both Greetings (p.6-9) and Lesson 1 (p.10-29). Everything we studied on these pages will be on the test, except words for majors (p.13). The words for majors are extra point questions. If you would like to get some extra points on this test, please study the words for majors as well. The test will consist of listening, vocabulary, translation, and grammar. Since
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Unformatted text preview: the questions on the test will be written in hiragana , it is important to review hiragana before the test. You may write your answers either in English alphabet or in hiragana. If you choose to write your answers in hiragana, mistakes in your hiragana writing will not be marked off on this test. Happy studying!...
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