101 Syllabus - JAPAN 101: Beginning First-Year Japanese...

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JAPAN 101: Beginning First-Year Japanese Fall Quarter, 2007 Bellevue Community College Instructor Tomoko Nakaone E-mail tnakaone@bcc.ctc.edu Office A-245 C Office Hours By appointment Course Objectives This course aims at acquisition of four basic skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of Modern Japanese. By the end of the quarter, students are expected to have a good grasp of Japanese grammar and to put the grammatical knowledge into use in the everyday situations, such as: a) Introducing yourself, b) Shopping at a store, c) Talking about daily routines and past events, and d) Asking about locations of place and objects. In addition, we will practice reading and writing two writing systems of Japanese; Hiragana and Katakana . Relevant Japanese socio-cultural topics will also be discussed. Course Materials Required : * Genki (vol. I ) both textbook and workbook available at BCC bookstore. * Japanese 101 Supplementary Workbook by Tomoko Nakaone available at BCC book store. Optional: * A Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary Useful resources * My BCC Workbook answer key, audio CDs, announcements, and useful links will be posted on My BCC. How to get to My BCC: 1. From BCC homepage, click Log in to My BCC on the right top corner. 2. Log in with your BCC network user name and password. 3. In the section of My Classes, click Japan 101
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101 Syllabus - JAPAN 101: Beginning First-Year Japanese...

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