June 7th Class Notes - I. QUIZ ANSWERS June 7, 2007 a. The...

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I. QUIZ ANSWERS June 7, 2007 a. The Toleration Act of 1649, which gave religious toleration to anyone who professed a belief in Jesus Christ, problems still ensured between Christians and Protestants. b. The governor of Plymouth Colony was William Bradford. c. The governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony was John Winthrop d. The Dutch colonized the area which is now known as New York before the English. e. Roger Williams, who was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, went on to form Rhode Island. f. Virginia was founded by a group of proprietors including John Locke. g. Quakers believed that God spoke directly to the individual. Most Quakers have been pacifist, and resist military force. h. Pennsylvania Colony grew much slower because of the Quaker influence. i. Georgia was the last of the 13 colonies June 7, 2007 Class Notes II. First wave of colonization began in 1600 thru 1640. (17 th Century) Jamestown in Virginia Plymouth Massachusetts Bay Colony Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire Maryland III. 1640- 1660: No new colonies on mainland IV. 1660- 1700: Second wave of colonization begins with Pennsylvania New York Delaware (2 nd smallest out of the 50 states) Carolina North Carolina South Carolina V. Northern Colonies: New England colonies: Plymouth, Massachusetts, new haven, Connecticut June 8, 2007 Quiz Answers: a. Indians hunted for commercial purposes and also used fire to clear out lands b. Indians felt that stealing from a friend was morally wrong, but stealing from the enemy was not c. Sioux Indians were primarily hunters, while the Peotone Indians were hunter gatherers d. Illness and disease was the contributor for the eradication of many Indians e. St. Augustine is the oldest city founded by the Spanish f. Coronado ended up exploring Kansas while looking for the 7 cities of gold g. From the 5 million slaves brought over, only half survived
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June 7th Class Notes - I. QUIZ ANSWERS June 7, 2007 a. The...

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