June 11th Class Notes - June 11, 2007 Class Notes: John...

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Unformatted text preview: June 11, 2007 Class Notes: John Rolfe, husband of Pocahontas, brought tobacco and the production of tobacco to the soils of Virginia. This revolutionized the economy of Jamestown. It gave the struggling colony a means of survival. Tobacco was long, time consuming, back breaking work. It had a long growth season and is a labor-intensive crop. No machines to do work, since tobacco is a high maintenance crop. It does not grow orderly; weeds often tend to penetrate it, and needs to be hand treated. The range of production for worker is 250 lbs to 930 lbs. Tobacco ravaged the earth. It sucked out nutrients out of the earth. This reduced the amount of production year by year. Per worker the range of income is 12 to 140. (20 shillings= 1 pound) (12 pennies = I shilling) (4 farthings= 1 penny) I. How to raise tobacco on a large scale a. Lots of land b. Lots of inexpensive labor (need for indentured slaves, gave rise to slavery) c. Types of labor 1. Hired hands 2. Unfree labor a. Indentured servitude- voluntary, agreed to becoming unfree b. Slavery Fairfax and Byrd families were owners of large amounts of acres of land. June 13, 2007 Class Notes: The Navigation Acts- were a byproduct of mercantilism. The purpose of mercantilism is to bring about wealth and prosperity to the mother country. Take turpentine for example. England did not possess turpentine. Why should England have to buy turpentine from foreign country when the New England colonies were able to provide it? By forcing the colonies to refine pines, and produce turpentine for the benefit of England. This makes England more self sufficient because England does not possess turpentine and need not pay high tariffs to buy turpentine. England in a way is keeping its own money. Englands money is not being transferred to outside countries, since the colonies are selling for the benefit of the mother country. The colonies are not supposed to compete with the mother country. England is the mother, and the colonies are the child. The child is not supposed to become rich at the expense of the mother....
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June 11th Class Notes - June 11, 2007 Class Notes: John...

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