Comp II - Homework, pg 160

Comp II - Homework, pg 160 - they would agree with my...

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Danny Vo Ms. Alexandria Lockett Principles of English Composition II 5 February 2007  Part Two, page 160 |  Homework 1. At the most resistant end of the spectrum, people are opposed to my claim because they  might not think it’s necessary to change a policy that has been around since 1995 and  seems to be fine. I don’t think my claim really challenges any ones value system or  views, it’s just boiling down to whether people think my claim is stupid or important  enough. 2. I pictured my audience someone that was pretty high in power, like the Board of Regents  at the University of Oklahoma. This way, if they agree with my reasons for my claim, they  would be in the position of power to do something about it. I also think that as the board 
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Unformatted text preview: they would agree with my warrant that discrimination and sexual harassment does not provide a good environment and should be deterred at all costs. Thus, I addressed my argument more towards “accord” on the spectrum. 3. The strategies I used to appeal to the audience was an anecdote to make them kind of feel bad maybe about their grievance procedure sucking and leaving me feeling helpless. 4. I accommodated other points of views with a concession paragraph. 5. I think this assignment left me arguing something that was sort of stupid to me, because in the end, the claim I chose was not something I felt very strong about. But overall, I think I argued it pretty well....
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Comp II - Homework, pg 160 - they would agree with my...

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