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Comp II - Homework, pg 179 - familiar to many—dealing...

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Danny Vo Ms. Alexandria Lockett Principles of English Composition II 30 April 2007  Page 165-166, 173 |  Homework 1. The lizards in this ad immediately attract my attention. The principle that this is a common  childhood story that everyone should know, dealing with bears, makes this argument. 2. The core argument is that bears need to be preserved and “kept in the picture” because  without them, it doesn’t work. 3. They used the theme of Goldilocks because this is a common childhood story that is 
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Unformatted text preview: familiar to many—dealing with bears. The lizards function as a replacement of the bears, making the picture awkward. By not having any grizzly bears, it reinforces the argument that this picture looks different and wrong with lizards and that you need bears. 4. I would try to come up with something similar to the ad with Goldilocks because it was a smart and creative ad that works. I would use color too....
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