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Unformatted text preview: In chapter 6 of Myths of Harmony , on page 131, Lasso poses three questions about rumors of “race war” in the post-revolutionary period in Colombian history. Those questions were: 1) Why were rumors of race war so prevalent during this period? Contact w/haiti Pardos and rev rhetoric 2) What do the rumors reveal about contemporary fears and expectations? Whites fear losing control; pardo expectns “Eqlty” Black generals as symbols (pardo Piar) 3) When and why were rumors of race war most likely to emerge, and what impact did they have on republican racial constructs? when pardo pub officers try to exert auth ovr elite maj polit changes: creole rev juntas, , constit conventn As you think about how Lasso “answers” those questions in the discussion that follows in that chapter, think about the ways that the individual examples of “Life Stories of Afro-Colombian...
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