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Comp II - Homework, pg 261, 269

Comp II - Homework, pg 261, 269 - b The persuasiveness of...

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Danny Vo Ms. Alexandria Lockett Principles of English Composition II 09 April 2007  Page 261, 1; page 269 1, 2 |  Homework 1. Daeha Ko’s causal chain seems to be:  a. High school   popular cliques   harassment   telling authorities   no action   shoot people, by taking matters into own hands.
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Unformatted text preview: b. The persuasiveness of his argument is sort of understandable, because of his appeal to pathos. Being freshly out of high school, I understand how high school is and can see how this causal chain could play out and why he might do what the other kids did. 1....
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