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Kathy Tao Econ 101 Sect 24 Question of the Week #7 1) In determining “bigger-is-better,” I would have considered the total costs and total revenue of operating alone (total costs are more than my total revenue, since I’m making a loss) vs. the total costs and total revenue of operating with the two companies combined (predicted total costs should be less than predicted total revenue, since I’m hoping to make a profit), as well as the costs of fighting competing satellite radio stations—which
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Unformatted text preview: may be explicit (such as costs of advertisement to draw listeners away from the other radio station) and/or implicit (i.e., opportunity coststhis advertisement money could have instead been used to create new radio programs). 2) As a government regulator, the factors I would consider are the number of firms in the market and the share of each firmessentially, the HHI. If this merger results in an HHI much greater than 1800, I would probably not approve of the merger....
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