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Key Terms BITM - Incentives all around Put all rss feed for...

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Key Terms Computers Application Input Device Output Devices GUI Embedded Computer Enterprise Computer Information Processing Cycle/Communication Network Access Provider SATA Serial Advance .... Head crash Disk controller Smart card Optical discs Cylinder Operating system functions RAM Virtual memory Defrag Downward compatability Window vista Zipped Communcation channel multitasking Multiprocessing P2P GPS Star Network all devices connected to a centrel hub RFID-use radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in an object ADSL Information System Exam question To listen to a audio file on your computer, you need special software called a player . Host,reciever,player,portal Video Mash Up RSS Reader...losing control of content distribution Sementic Web Tagging and Social Bookmarks..delicious Slashdot and digg Yelp .... review site Trulia...for selling homes
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IF U DON'T GIVE THEM A WAY TO COMMUNICATE THEN THEIR GO SOMEWHERE ELSE Content the ppl can use...microformat How do u make the model work?
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Unformatted text preview: Incentives all around Put all rss feed for non commercial purpose Have a certain number of supscription Use MY add server Don't no cms companis? Make competitor a partner SWOT analysis Publisher.yahoo.comm/rssguide Techcrunch Programmableweb.com Tagsonomy.com Rex hammock's Curon.commm Data vs. Information Validity Check Data Dictionary Data/Field/Record ASCII AND EBCDIC Form SQL Object Orientaed Data Base Worm Firewall Biometric Device Spam\Spyware\Cookies\Adware DoS (denial of service) Backdoor\Firewall Which of the following is not an example of a biometric device? Smart Card? Face Recognition System Hand Geomotry System Fingerprint Scanner a exam question A data dictionary contains info about each file in the database and each feild within those files Validaty check,system check,logic check,data dictionary Business Process Management Edi Online banking MIS Blade servers...
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  • Spring '08
  • Withingtom
  • Device Output Devices, Information Processing Cycle/Communication, object ADSL Information, Zipped Communcation channel, memory Defrag Downward

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