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Jeremy Berger 9/18/2007 000854567 IST 100 1) The best way to find books in a library is to use the library’s catalog. 2) One good resource for locating information on events that happened one week ago is newspapers. 3) The University Libraries' catalog, Minerva has three features. It provides an ability to connect to the academic internet resources, makes it easier to print, download, or e-mail search results, and allows access to reserve material by course number or professor’s name. 4) Three examples found on the pull down menu are books, government documents, and
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Unformatted text preview: reference. 7) Two drawbacks to keyword searching are that it can be very slow and the results can be too broad, with a lot of excess information. 8) The Library of Congress Subject Headings are helpful because they can be very precise and lead you to exactly what you want. 9) The ILLaid would be used to get books and article that our library doesn’t own. 10) If a library book you need is already checked out you can recall the book and it must be return to the library within two weeks. In addition the book will be reserved for you when it is returned....
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