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Psychology Final Exam 1) Survey results will be more likely to accurately represent the opinions of the entire population if: a. random sampling is used b. a control group is used c. a double-blind design is used d. a single-blind design is used 2) Wilma can normally type very quickly but she finds that when her boss watches her type she types much slowly. Wilma’s change in typing speed illustrates the concept of: a. experimental control b. negative correlation c. reactivity d. systematic observation 3) Which of the following correlations represents the strongest degree of relationship between two variables? a. r = +.42 b. r = +.07 c. r = -.06 d. r = -.61 4) A researcher finds a correlation of -2.86 between cigarette smoking and level of aggressiveness. This means: a. The more people smoke, the more aggressive they are b. The more people smoke, the less aggressive they are c. The less people smoke, the less aggressive they are d. There is an error in the computation of the correlation 5) A correlation of 0.00 means: A. you made a mistake in calculation B. you did not find out anything about the relationship between the two variables C. the two variables are unrelated D. everyone who scored low on one variable scored high on the other variable, and vice- versa 6) It has been found that children who have encyclopedia in their homes get better grades in school than children without encyclopedias can you conclude that using an encyclopedia causes children to do better in school? A) Yes, this is an experimental study and encyclopedia are the independent variable B) No this is a correlation study, something…. C) Correlations don’t imply…. D) The existence of a cause and effect relationship can be inferred from a(an) Experimental study only
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8) Which concept does not fit with the others? a. experiment b. independent variable c. naturalistic observation d. placebo 9) To discover whether highlighting terms in textbooks help students learn researchers had one group of students read a biology chapter with highlighter terms and had another group read the same chapter with terms in normal type. Both groups then took the same 10 item test and their scores were recorded. The independent variable in this experiment was -highlighted or not highlighted- independent 10) Researchers studying the effect of caffeine tested the reaction times of women who drank either a beverage with caffeine or one without. The reaction time is the: a. placebo b. confounding variable c. independent variable d. dependent variable 11) Vitamin affects memory, the subjects taking vitamin a are unaware c) double blind design 12) Which of the terms does not fit with the others? a. Clever Hans the horse b. Rosenthal Effect c. laboratory observation d. experimenter bias BIOLOGICAL BASES 13) The small gap between adjacent neurons is the a. glia b. myelin sheath c. synapse d. terminal 14) The task of passing a message from one neuron to another is actually carried out by: A. The myelin sheath
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