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Psych Review Scientific Methods Survey results will be more likely to accurately represent the opinions of the entire population if Random sampling is used Wilma can normally type very quickly, but she finds that when her boss watches her type she types much more slowly. Wilma’s change in typing speed illustrates the concept of Reactivity Which of the following correlations represents the strongest degree of relationship between two variables? +.42 +.07 -.00 -.61 A researcher finds a correlation of -2.86 between cigarette smoking and level of aggressiveness means there is an error in the computation of the correlation A correlation of 00 means variables not related Cause and effect means experiment Children have encyclopedias and kids do better in school then cant know anything about cause and effect Positive vs. negative Independent is the one that is manipulated (coffee given to women); dependant variable is the one measured as a result (if women can finish test faster/better) Which of the following terms does not fit with the others? Clever Hans the horse Rosenthal effect Laboratory observation Experimenter bias Double blind design eliminates experimenter bias Biological Bases The small gap between adjacent neurons is the synapse Know glia, myelin sheath, and terminal
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The task of passing a message from one neuron to another is actually carried out by neurotransmitters Which part of the neuron has the responsibility for receiving information from other neurons? Dendrites Absents of acetylcholine in the brain has been implicated as a factor in the memory loss seen with Alzheimer’s disease Dopamine: too little Parkinson’s, too much tourettes Somatic is muscle movement, autonomic is organs (sympathetic gets you excited, parasympathetic calms you down) Sympathetic to parasympathetic like arousing is to calming Injury to the cerebellum would effect balancing on a tight rope Thalamus can be characterized as a relay system for sensory information Reticular formation is most involved in maintaining an optimal level of brain arousal
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Psych Review - Psych Review Scientific Methods Survey...

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