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“Hair transplantation became so popular in the 1990s that it began to attract doctors lacking both surgical and aesthetic skills.” SURGERY TO IMPROVE THE MALE BODY Mixed results; 2/5 of the work at the Bosley Medical Group was redoing botched jobs In the early 1990s, an estimated 85 million Americans were engaged in some form of weight training. SHOW PHOTO OF REAGAN PUMPING HIS BICEPS Young males obsess over their body image, seen as always puny or underdeveloped (like young girls and Barbie dolls), and popular culture (GI Joe toys) reinforce this notion for boys Steroids were one way to live up to this unreachable ideal—Olympic atheletes, high school children, or recently, sports stars take them Ancient Greek Olympians used hallucinogenic mushrooms to “psych up” for their games Monkey-testicle injections in the 1920s; testosterone therapy in the 1940s (RESEARCH WHAT THIS IS); took on a Cold War dimension in 1956 when an American doctor found the Russians using testosterone at the World Games, so he synthesized testosterone and it
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