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Chapter 12: Trace Minerals (Iron) 1. What is the primary function of iron? 1. carries oxygen in the blood 2. What factors increase the absorption of iron? 1. vitamin C 2. mucosal block 3. heme vs. non-heme 3. What is the difference between heme and nonheme sources of iron? Which is better absorbed? 1. Heme- in animal products. ~23% absorbed. 2. Nonheme- in plants. ~3-8% absorbed. 4. What are the symptoms of iron deficiency? 1. FATIGUE 2. paleness 3. poor temp control 4. poor appetite 5. What is anemia? 1. low production of red blood cells
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Unformatted text preview: 2. low oxygen in blood 6. What do red blood cells look like during iron deficiency anemia? 1. small, pale 7. How does iron deficiency anemia differ from folate or vitamin B-12 deficiency anemia? 1. Megaloblastic anemia results from inhibition of DNA synthesis in red blood cell production. Enlarged blood cells? 8. Is iron deficiency a common nutritional problem? Explain why or why not. 1. yes. Most common in the world. 9. What tests are used to assess iron deficiency anemia?...
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