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Chapter 8 Study Guide Alcohol 1. What is the chemical name of the type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages? Ethanol 2. Describe the symptoms associated with various blood alcohol concentrations. For the sporadic drinker: .05% ----- congenial euphoria; less tension; driving impairment .075% ---- very friendly, social .08-.1% --- uncoordinated (.08% = legally drunk) .125-.15%-- unrestrained behavior; sometimes uncontrolled behavior .2-.25% ---- alertness lost; lethargic .3-.35% ---- stupor to coma >.5% ------- death! 3. What is the Ohio standard for the blood alcohol concentration that defines legal intoxication? When did this new standard become law in most states? What was the standard before this date? .08% This became law in Ohio in July 2003. I don’t know the other parts to this question. 4. Name the effects of alcohol abuse on the body. (Figure 8-3)
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Unformatted text preview: Increased risk of heart rhythm disturbances, hypertension, hemorrhagic stroke, osteoporosis, brain damage, colorectal and breast cancer, inflammation of the stomach lining, suppression o the immune system, sleep disturbances, impotence, hypoglycemia, and high blood triglycerides. 5. Describe the effect of alcohol on the liver. Include the 3 stages of disease. Fatty liver- occurs in response to increased synthesis of fat and decreased utilization of fat for energy needs by the liver. Large fat deposits choke off the blood supply, depriving the liver of oxygen and nutrients. Liver inflammation . Cirrhosis- liver cells accumulate so much fat that they burst and die and are replaced with scar tissue. 6. How many calories are in each gram of alcohol? 7 kcal/gram...
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