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HUMN NTR 310D Study Guide: Chapter 14 1. What fuel source(s) is(are) used under aerobic condition? 2. What fuel source(s) is(are) used under anaerobic condition? 3. What is phosphocreatine and what is its role in ATP synthesis? 4. What is the percent of fuel use for various types of physical activity? 5. Would taking a protein supplement help athletic performance? 6. What is CHO loading and how does it work? o Increasing CHO intake while decreasing exercise o Builds up muscle glycogen stores o Delays fatigue and improves endurance
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Describe the characteristics of an effective pre-event meal? 8. For every pound lost during physical activity, how much fluid should be replaced? 9. What are the protein needs for a typical athlete? For an endurance athlete? 10. Why are calcium and iron nutrients of concern for athletes? 11. What other nutrients should athletes include in their diet? 12. What are the typical ingredients in a sports drink? o Sodium, potassium o Simple CHO o 6-8% sugar...
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