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Writing Tips - Writing Tips 1. Do NOT start an essay with a...

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Writing Tips 1. Do NOT start an essay with a definition 2. Do NOT give away what you’re going to talk about right away, it makes the essay boring and people will not want to read it (aka don’t state this is wrong because) 3. Your main focus is to make people want to read what you wrote (the teacher is your reader adam) 4. Try using a story to start your essay off – it can be about you or it can be fictional 5. Your first draft is going to be total and utter crap….that’s okay, its mainly ideas anyway and you’ll fix it later 6. When writing your draft if you have two beginnings to a sentence write them both down (you’ll choose later). 7. Use vivid words, words people can feel – instead of run try sprinted or dashed. 8. Make sure you know the real definition of all the words you use or else you might use them wrong, so do not just go to thesaurus to sound smart okay? 9. Do NOT double space your paper until you’re done with it – this will keep you focused on the quality of the paper and not the length (you can fix the length later). 10. Try to paint a picture for the reader – make them see what you see and make them feel what you feel. Using examples such as “His clothes are worn and dirty, as though he had been wrestling in the mud with a tiger.” 11. All quotes should be italicized 12. It is okay to add humor to your paper, as long as it is appropriate to the paper itself 13. Again try and make people want to read your paper – avoid stating the obvious at all costs – try and take a different approach 14. READ YOUR PAPER OUT LOUD!!! So here’s the thing when you read it in your head you only read the paper from your point of view and the mind fills in words your might have actually forgot to put it, so reading it out loud is the best choice. 15. Do Not shy away from details – they make the paper interesting
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Writing Tips - Writing Tips 1. Do NOT start an essay with a...

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