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Colin Beverstock HSP-222 Straube March 25, 2008 Reaction to Article 1.) After reading this article, it is very apparent that restaurants are doing everything they can to attract and keep customers. The use of these net bases operations is actually a good idea. Having the profile of certain guests can only benefit them and you, especially if they are a high roller willing to spend a decent chunk of change at your property. As for these profiles strictly reserving only the top tables in an establishment; why not? The statement that you pay for what you receive fits perfectly here.
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Unformatted text preview: If a customer is willing to drop a lot of money, then they deserve an excellent table. 2.) I do not support strictly focusing on only the most profitable customers because every customer is equally important. Perhaps not in the fact of how much money they are spending, but rather the fact that they have a mouth, which can spread word of your establishment. The high rollers are certainly important and deserve a great table, but you can’t neglect the other customers who bring business and spread business....
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