slavery in rome

slavery in rome - Affera Choudry Dr. Zumoff Western...

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Unformatted text preview: Affera Choudry Dr. Zumoff Western Civilization 03/10/08 Slavery in Rome The Roman Empire is one of the very few empires that we regard as archetypal. The advances that this empire made in various fields allow us to read and study about it hundreds of years after. But, who is responsible for these advances; the Roman Society, or the slaves that were brought in from different neighboring nations, and worked to death? As most know, slavery has been around since the beginning of time, and was also a tool used by the Romans. The slaves in Roman Society were not chosen by color or race but the conditions they dealt with, were as horrendous. Here we shall discuss the types of slaves that existed in Roman society and whether or not they truly are responsible for the success of this empire. Slavery in the ancient world of Rome played a vital role not only in economy but in society as a whole as well. As the Roman Empire conquered new lands, millions of new slaves were transported to Rome. Slavery was prevalent in two main fields: domestic slaves, and slaves that were used in the...
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slavery in rome - Affera Choudry Dr. Zumoff Western...

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