PSY 2012 Mar 25th 27th Notes

PSY 2012 Mar 25th 27th Notes - DEVELOPMENT ->Prenatal...

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DEVELOPMENT --->Prenatal development: Germinal: 0-2 weeks Embryonic: 2 weeks-2months Fetal: 2 months-birth --->Neonatal (newborns) Reflexes: Babinski, grasping, sucking, rooting --->Infancy Motor skill development CHROMOSOMES AND GENES DNA and chromosomal make-up (genes) control our physical characteristics. Genes carry biological information in a form that has to be copied to all cells of the offspring. <> NEONATAL REFLEXES Grasping reflex, rooting and sucking reflexes, babinski reflex, and stepping reflex. State of Newborns: (William James 1842-1910) The baby's impression of the world "as great blooming, buzzing confusion." (Principles of Psychology, 1890) IS IT? What do babies SEE? HEAR? SMELL? UNDERSTAND? INFANT VISION: The have about 2400-2800 vision (which is very blurry) at birth At 2 months, vision improves a lot. At 6 months, vision is nearly perfect or adult levels. Newborns prefer to look at the extremes of the visible color spectrum (red and blue). Babies also prefer visual complexity than simple patterns; example, they would rather watch a complex checkboard rather than a plain color board. INFANT HEARING: ---> Eimas electroninc pacifier expiriment. (1971) 4 months & 1 month babies.: They synthesize speech "ba" vs "pa." When you use these two sounds, the only difference is the energy output and time difference between the
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PSY 2012 Mar 25th 27th Notes - DEVELOPMENT ->Prenatal...

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