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PSY 2012 Mar 25th 27th Notes

PSY 2012 Mar 25th 27th Notes - DEVELOPMENT->Prenatal...

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DEVELOPMENT --->Prenatal development: Germinal: 0-2 weeks Embryonic: 2 weeks-2months Fetal: 2 months-birth --->Neonatal (newborns) Reflexes: Babinski, grasping, sucking, rooting --->Infancy Motor skill development CHROMOSOMES AND GENES DNA and chromosomal make-up (genes) control our physical characteristics. Genes carry biological information in a form that has to be copied to all cells of the offspring. <http://embryology.med.unsw.edu.au/wwwhuman/Fetus.htm> NEONATAL REFLEXES Grasping reflex, rooting and sucking reflexes, babinski reflex, and stepping reflex. State of Newborns: (William James 1842-1910) The baby's impression of the world "as great blooming, buzzing confusion." (Principles of Psychology, 1890) IS IT? What do babies SEE? HEAR? SMELL? UNDERSTAND? INFANT VISION: The have about 2400-2800 vision (which is very blurry) at birth At 2 months, vision improves a lot. At 6 months, vision is nearly perfect or adult levels. Newborns prefer to look at the extremes of the visible color spectrum (red and blue). Babies also prefer visual complexity than simple patterns; example, they would rather watch a complex checkboard rather than a plain color board. INFANT HEARING: ---> Eimas electroninc pacifier expiriment. (1971) 4 months & 1 month babies.: They synthesize speech "ba" vs "pa." When you use these two sounds, the only difference is the energy output and time difference between the energy output. Ba is faster and Pa is slower (longer). After producing these noises, they
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