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HIS 102 S08_1 - HIS 102, p. 1. History 102 Sections 06 and...

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HIS 102, p. 1. History 102 Sections 06 and 07 Spring 2008 Dr. Lisa Kirschenbaum Classes Meet: TTh12:30-1:45; TTh 2-3:15 Class Location: 313 Main Hall Office Location: 502 Main Hall Office Hours: T 10-12; W 1-3; Th 11-12 Office Phone: 610-436-2997 E-mail: lkirschenb@wcupa.edu In case of emergency, contact: WCU Department of Public Safety 610-436-3311 Overview The course explores the last 500 years of world history. It aims to introduce students to 1) the discipline of history -- what kinds of methods and evidence do historians use to construct a picture of the past? -- and 2) the unique perspective that a study of the past brings to urgent questions of the present. While students will be responsible for understanding certain crucial information, the course’s chief goal is to familiarize students with how historians design and try to answer questions about the past, why they often propose differing interpretations of the “facts,” and how these historical debates relate to our understanding of the present. As a survey course, HIS 102 covers a wide variety of approaches to history, which historians often label “political,” “social,” and “cultural.” Rather than surveying a multitude of individual national histories, the course focuses on the history of global interconnections and exchanges -- cultural, political, social, economic. It aims to “decenter” or “provincialize” the West, and to see world history from multiple points of view. The two case studies included in the course will provide opportunities to examine in depth how historians construct the past and how individuals connect to and help to make history. The overall goal is to help students to see history not as an immutable chronicle that explains why the world must be as it is, but as a multiplicity of contingent and shifting interactions to which a wide range of interdependent global actors contribute. This course meets the student learning outcomes for information literacy, general education, and history by requiring and reinforcing skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, and ethical decision making. This course encourages the open exchange of controversial ideas while maintaining a respect for persons of any gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and ethnicity. Course Website : Blackboard at WCU, http://www.wcupa.edu/blackboard The course website contains updated information about assignments and exams, access to course readings, and study guides. We will be using the “Discussion Board” section to share notes and responses to the readings. The Blackboard homepage provides detailed instructions for logging on for the first time. If you have problems with the site, please contact the help desk at 1-866-384-9107. Blackboard works best with Internet Explorer.
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HIS 102, p. 2. Students may access their course grades via the Blackboard grade book. If you have any
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HIS 102 S08_1 - HIS 102, p. 1. History 102 Sections 06 and...

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