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HIS 102: Study Questions for Midterm I. Primary source interpretation: You will be asked to answer questions related to a short primary source or sources provided on the exam. The questions will ask you to consider what the source says and what it does -- the agenda or bias of the author. You will also be asked to draw connections between the source and other material we have studied. (15-20 points) II. Multiple choice identification: You will be asked to identify about ten people and events related to the topics below. (15-20 points) III. Short answer: In this part, you will have a choice between two or three items in each question. Therefore, you do not need to be able to answer all questions in each section, but should be prepared for questions from all sections. Answers should include both concrete detail and analysis. (35-45 points) “Historical Thinking”: Be able to explain (with examples) Wineburg’s distinction between history that is “familiar” and history that is “strange.” How does approaching the past as strange and “cultivating puzzlement” (497) “spur us to reconsider how we see ourselves as human beings”? (490) What is the meaning of the choice between learning about unicorns and learning about rhinoceroses? (498). Why is historical thinking “unnatural”? Explain one of Wineburg’s examples (or provide one of your own) about how our “assumptions about how normal people behave” are often a poor guide to understanding the past. Cultural Worlds of Eurasia: Be able to locate the “cultural worlds” (c. 1300) of Islam, Christendom, China, and India on a map (WTWA 15, 22 28) Be able to explain important defining characteristics of each major Eurasian world. You should have some examples of what unified each “world” and also what
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HIS.midtermstudyguide - HIS 102: Study Questions for...

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