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Gogerdchian, Alireza 69198399 11/20/2007 MGMT 6: Introduction to Business Fall Quarter 2007 Homework 4 Question 1: The person who controls the operations management of a company is called an operations manager, who is a person that manages the company to turn resources into goods and services. Some of the most important ways that an operations manager can increase a company’s profits is by being able to recruit new and smart employees, however it is also important to lead and motivate those employees as well. A company uses operations management along with the leadership of an operations manager to discover the technology that makes production much more efficient and productive. Furthermore operations management allows the company to appreciate the process that control lower production costs and higher product quality, and still understanding the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between the customer, the marketing of a product, and the production of a product. Question 2: Branding is a name, term, symbol, design, or any combination of these that identifies a seller’s products as distinct from those of other sellers. Branding is very important for companies because brands are easily recognizable, they reduce the amount of time buyers must spend shopping, and thus the certain brand that they like is the certain brand that they will purchase. Additionally branding is important for companies because it allows a company to release a new product while using the same brand to sell it faster. This also helps companies in advertising because advertisement for one product of a certain brand is still advertisement for all of the products of that brand....
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