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1 Bio 12D Lecture 11 Lifestyle Diseases • Nutrition • Type 2 Diabetes (lecture 10 slides 44-69) Heart Disease • Stroke Week 6 Reading Sci Am: “Saving Hearts that Grow Old” Mayo Clinic Guideline on Type 2 Diabetes New Yorker on Pre-eclampsia Homework 5 due today ,Feb 21st, in class Homework 6 due Thu,Feb 28th, in class 2 Bad v. Good cholesterol! http://www.alumni.ca/~thog4n0/LDL.jpg Lecture 10 Review 3 http://www.phillips-fit.co.uk/personaltraining/reduced-blood-cholesterol- levels • Cholesterol does not mix well with blood (or water), so it is transported around in a lipoprotein • High Density Lipoproteins: mostly protein remove cholesterol from artery walls and bring to liver Low density lipoprotein: mostly cholesterol and a little protein, deposit cholesterol in arteries Lecture 10 Review 4 Lowers triglycerides, lowers blood pressure, increases HDL Diet rich with Essential Fatty Acids with proper ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fats Increases weight and increases triglycerides Too much of any type of fat Increases LDL and reduces HDL Any amount trans fat Increases LDL Too much of saturated fat Reduces LDL and increases HDL Healthy amounts of unsaturated fat How it effects us Dietary Habit
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5 6 Lub-dub, lub-dup Lub = valves close to separate atria and ventricles Dub = valves closing as ventricles empty out http://universalfacts.blogspot.com/2005/08/ what-causes-sound-of-your-heart-beat.html 7 Heart Attack • High cholesterol • High blood pressure • genetic predisposition • Stress • infection? • poor diet
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Lecture11heartdistrokepdf - Bio 12D Lecture 11 Lifestyle...

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