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HW5 - Gogerdchian Alireza 69198399 HW#5 MGMT 6 Introduction...

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Gogerdchian, Alireza 69198399 HW#5 11/29/07 MGMT 6: Introduction to Business Fall Quarter 2007 Question 1: The difference between the primary and secondary markets when it comes to the distribution and trading of stocks; is that in a primary market an investor has the option to purchase a stock, bond, or any other financial security of a certain corporation. Typically directly through that corporation or through an invest banker or a broker. In the secondary market the financial securities already exist, and they are traded between hundreds and thousands of investors. These transactions are always and in high percentage held by securities exchange, one of the largest and most famous being the NYSE. Question 2: The advantages and disadvantages of three leadership styles can be viewed as: Authoritarian Leader – the advantages of this type of leadership is that there is a single individual who can assume all responsibility and has the responsibly of all the people on his/her shoulder. Furthermore there will be a minimal amount of argument or conflict
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