421JRL - Qualitative Research Progress Report Codes, Rules,...

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Qualitative Research – Progress Report Codes, Rules, and Regulations Clear evaluation of codes, rules, and regulations are necessary in order to remodel or rebuild homes in the Sunnyside area. A quick trip to the Morgantown Planning Commission’s web site enabled us to find updated zoning ordinances along with any paper work necessary to renovate or rebuild property. The updated zoning ordinances provide all the requirements for buildings in the Sunnyside area. Inclusion: building height requirements, building dimensions, sidewalk width, landscape and shrubbery, appearance of buildings and homes, windows and transparency, building materials, parking spaces, parking garages, etc. These very regulations are highly important as they set the grounds for all construction in the 3 subdivisions of the Sunnyside area. Some of these rules may or may not get in the way of new construction ideas in Sunnyside, just as any future building plans must immediately be tailored by these regulations as well. Online forms can be used to make any necessary changes to property of land. Inclusion: site plans, subdivisions, zoning variances, etc. Once a form is filled out, the local government body can do one of two things: deny or pass it. Landlords are no exception. They must follow all of these same orders in order to get approval of altering land, buildings, or new construction properties. Comparative Education Programs By analyzing Universities similar to WVU conclusions can be drawn from successful traffic programs. For example, the U-Pass is a successful integrated transportation program created by the University of Seattle. U-Pass incorporates all transportation options into one program for students and faculty. A quarterly fee of $44 includes various transportation options such as: parking, carpooling, Flexcar, Night Shuttle, community transit discounts, bike helmet discounts, and maps. In result of this program there was a 5% reduction of traffic as population increased 7% in the 1990’s. Secondary research results of the U-Pass and other educational programs such as the Stanford University
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421JRL - Qualitative Research Progress Report Codes, Rules,...

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