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Malle Bresson - Aaron Hess Professor Condon Films of Louis...

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Aaron Hess Professor Condon Films of Louis Malle 20 th February, 2007 Louis Malle and Robert Bresson Many people have considered Louis Malle to be one of the most influential film makers in all of French cinema. Born in 1932 Malle’s work includes over 30 titles spanning all the way up to 1994. As with all artists however Louis Malle did not come up with inspiration all on his own. Louis Malle drew a lot of his inspiration from another equally important film maker Robert Bresson. Robert Bresson was born in France in 1901 and featured an equally impressive directorial collection of 13 titles. It is possible upon watching the work of both directors to draw out many similarities in theme, style, and subject matter. Louis Malle is widely recognized for pushing the subject matter envelope, dealing with such issues as: child prostitution, incest, and the good versus evil struggle during wartime. Although many of the concepts brought forth in Malle’s work might be commonplace by today’s film standards, back when they were first introduced, they were not always well received. With the innovation of the internet, national news broadcasts that are seldom cautious about the news they broadcast, violent video games, and a shift in the education process, not only are children becoming enlightened to the maladies of human society, but society as a whole is becoming increasingly desensitized. What is interesting about the work of Louis Malle is the fact that often times subject matter (such as incest) is treated rather matter of factly. In Le Souffle Au Coeur known in America as Murmur of the Heart, Louis Malle tells the story of a young man by the name of Laurent who finds himself infatuated with his mother. Throughout the film the tension between
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Laurent and his mother festers as it becomes clear that the feelings of love between the two are more than that of the platonic relationship between a mother and son. During the course of the film, although married, Laurent’s mother is unfaithful and sexually active with many different men yet despite all of these confrontations, his mother always returns to him. Upon returning she undoubtedly always reveals more details than what is seen as conventional between a mother and son.
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