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Be able to identify examples of small businesses Small businesses- large enough to have employees besides the owner. Small scale owner controlled Examples: medieval guild-organized shops Be able to identify Weber’s ideas about what makes up the organization of bureaucracy Bureaucracy- ultimate rights over leadership selection and decision-making are vested at the top and employees do not have rights in the decision, they are there to carry out the decisions. Government made up of different bureaus which are each controlled by one official. Any large-scale, management-or-owner controlled public or private organization. Max Weber- 19 th century Be able to identify major examples of a bureaucracy Department of Defense, Interior, Education, and Housing Where is ultimate leadership located in a bureaucracy? Managers Who originated scientific management? Frederick Taylor Be able to identify the major features of the scientific management approach and the reasons why scientific management was introduced into industry Actual work vs. potential productivity of workers. Studied jobs and workers to increase their productivity. Taylorism- associated with workplace alienation and managerial strategies to pump out as much work as possible out of workers without regard for their human needs. Be able to identify examples of membership organizations
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socy_101_final_exam_review_page - Be able to identify...

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