c120 extra credit - 1 Extra credit Essay Immigration vs...

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1 Extra credit Essay 12/5/07 Immigration vs. Gang life The assumption that the majority of society shares the same core values and appropriate forms of behavior is the principle matter in which fuels a sense of isolation and dissention amongst itself. Under this assumption, the persistent patterns of behavior or social structures function to implement society’s values by distinguishing between manifest and latent orders. Manifest functions are functions that are intended and easily recognized by most members of society. An example of a manifest function would be religion or the churches the perpetuate religion. Latent functions, on the other hand, are functions that are neither readily apparent nor widely recognized. An example of a latent function is the public welfare system. Because there is a high level of consensus about what constitutes basic norms and values, in effect, the same can be said about the norm violations. However, there are many cases in which the causes to problems are not as apparent and “black and white.” In fact, the stark reality of the gangs and the increase immigration and the environments around gang life are much more complicated. Marginalization attempts to explain the various reasons behind the motivations of violence and inequality in the US. Marginalization is the defined as the feeling of exclusion that is frequently encountered by people who are not part of the majority culture. Big cities, for example, have such a diverse population of people sharing differing cultural beliefs resulting in a very unorganized society. There are several similarities, and differences, both in the theories these perspectives contain and also in the overall perspectives themselves. The way people live their lives based on their morals and values, turns into what is considered deviant in the society in which they live. The separation
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c120 extra credit - 1 Extra credit Essay Immigration vs...

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