c108 - 1 According to the Classical School what are the two...

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1. According to the Classical School, what are the two central determinants of human behavior? Pain and pleasure 2. Drug use is a mala _____________ offense. prohibita 3. Which philosopher stated that humans were forced into a social contract because of their fear of violent death ? Thomas Hobbes 4. According to Lombroso, the ______________ individual is a throwback to a more primitive biological state. atavistic 5. Fraternal twins are known as ________________ twins. dizygotic 6. _________________ refers to violence that is vented on someone who is not the source of the original frustration. Displacement 7. An offender who can deny responsibility for other failures by turning to crime is seeking ______________ adaptation. autoplastic 8. The Brawner rule delegates responsibility to the ______________ to determine what constitutes insanity. jury 1. ______________________ developed the theory of phrenology. (a) Cesare Lombroso (b) Konrad Lorenz (c) Johann Caspar Spurzheim (d) Franz Joseph Gall * 2. According to William Sheldon, ________________ have the greatest likelihood of becoming criminal offenders. (a) broken homes (b) overcrowded living conditions * (c) body types (d) neuroses 4. A “supermale displays the _______ chromosome structure. (a) XXY (b) XYY * (c) YYX (d) YYY 6. Which of the following jobs probably would not fall within the field of criminalistics? (a) fingerprint examiner (b) forensics examiner (c) polygraph operator (d) correctional officer * 1
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7. The process of ______________________ involves making some forms of behavior illegal. (a) decriminalization (b) legalization (c) common law (d) criminalization * 8. Because it draws on other fields to understand the problem of crime, criminology is considered a(n) ______________________ field. (a) unified (b) professional (c) interdisciplinary * (d) integrated 9. Decreases in crime since the mid-1990s may be largely due to __________________. (a) an aging out of the baby-boomer generation (b) new strict laws (c) family-planning practices (d) all of the above * 10. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is responsible for the _________________. (a) National Incident Based Reporting Program
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c108 - 1 According to the Classical School what are the two...

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