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Rene Descartes Mathematician -founder of analytic geometry -Model of human behavior -began Scientific Method Philosopher -Continental Raionalist -spinoze -leibniz -opposed empiricists -locke -hume -Suppresed his scientific work because of the trial of gallileo Meditations on First Philosophy -Letter to the faculty of theology at University Paris -Purpose: -Demonstrate the existence of God and the soul by philosophy -Give arguments proving God exists and the mind is distinct from the body -meditations are written in the first person not by a fictional character -Rationalism: knowledge comes from reason -Foundationalism: basic concepts are indubitable Argument From Illusion P1: My senses sometimes decieve me -a well known sceptic argument -ex: hallucinations, optical illusions, refractions, mirages P2: Anything that decieves me cant be trusted C: My senses cannot be fully trusted
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Unformatted text preview: Purpose: set aside all your beliefs for a moment Argument from dreams P1: Dreams sometimes deceive us-Im asleep but i dream that im awake-I think im awake but im actually dreaming P2: there's no way to tell the two experiences apart-For al i know i could be dreaming right now C: I cant always distinguish between waking and dreaming experiences Dream images (hands, eyes) based on physical things - but we could be msitaken about this Real things (Physics, astronomy) are based on simple concepts but this could be mistaken too Defective nature argument-i am deceived sometimes (dreams, illusions)-I could be deceived all of the time-I think i am certain even when i am wrong-I could be wrong about basic prinnciples-A good God would not let me be decieved at all-If i am not created by God it is more likely that i am faulty...
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