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Philosophy Notes - Alex Gochangco 9/17/07 Philosophy Notes:...

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Alex Gochangco 9/17/07 Philosophy Notes: Plato 428 - 348 BCE Follower of Socrates PLato counted socrates "the justest man alive" "Socrates" The charachter is believed to be more reflective of the actual socrates in the earlier dialogues. Founded the Academy of Athens Considered by many to be the founder of western philosophy - "All philosophy is but a footnote of plato" Most famous student - Aristotle Socrates 469 - 399 BC Left no literary record, his works are known predominantly through plato. Served in the Athenian Army Stonemason Was not a "professional" philosopher Parents died when he young and left him an estate. Taught by questioning - The Socratic method. Such questioning led people to see errors in their reasoning and to question their previously held beliefs This tended to piss people off (Meno 94e) Died after being convicted o "impiety" and "Corrupting the youth of Athens" Virtue and Ancient Greek Ethics Greek ethics were "Agent Centered" as opposed to "Action Centered" Central questions in Greek ethics are: What constitues the "Good Life"? What kind of person should i strive to be? The answer. ..virtuous This begs for the question " What is Virtue" Virtue and Plato's meno Meno starts out by presuming that Vritue is known. Menos in Socratic method Socrates questions about the basis of a knowledge claim He continues to ask for more refinement of the basis of the claim He then shows how the initial claim is false In many of the dialogues the initial question is not directly answered So, whats the point? in general one is better off being aware of their lack of knowledge than going through life with false beliefs. When one understands where their ignorance lies. one is in a better position to appreciate the human predicament If one is to attain true knowledge, they must first recognize where their beliefs are false. Back to the Meno
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Philosophy Notes - Alex Gochangco 9/17/07 Philosophy Notes:...

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