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Philosophy essay - Hume

Philosophy essay - Hume - human reasoning" Part II...

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Alex Gochangco 12/4/07 Phil 100 Sec 2 Dialogues Concerning Natural Religions In the book Dialogues Concerning Natural Religions , David Hume begins by presenting what seems to be a letter from Pahmphils to Hermippus. It begins with him discussing the acts of the ancient philosophers and how they were able to discuss their arguments. They then proceed to talk about the way a person in their time would present an argument. Part I begins with an introduction of three people Philo, Demea, and Cleanthes and gives some background into their beliefs. From what I understand Philo supports the teaching of the principles of religion, while Demea does not hold it as important as Philo. Demea states "it is only a science subjected to
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Unformatted text preview: human reasoning". Part II discuss' the existence of God, stating things such as "we ought rather to believe that as he comprehends the perfections of matter without being material. ." they state things that he is perfect in every way that he is eternal in a sense. Part III represents Philo having to choose sides rationally, between being a skeptic and a believer in a sense. They state that skeptics tend to rely on more material things like common sense, while believers so to speak have faith and understand the existence without matter. They try to question his nature rather than his existence. Part VI talks about how philo t...
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