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chinese notes 4-11 - formed these mass organizations 2...

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4/11/07 Communism Cont. D. Foreign Affairs 1. Treaty of friendship and alliance with soviet union 2. mao sent aid to north Korea in war against US E. Intellectual Reform Many intellectuals did not go to Taiwan with Chiang Kai Sheik or to the West. Many were also drawn back to help the government. 1. Mass Organizations and mobilizations of population- Chinese communists were very successful with this. Almost everyone belonged to an organization that would serve the needs of the state. People could keep their jobs as long as they
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Unformatted text preview: formed these mass organizations. 2. thought reform through political meetings and study sessions. Studied mao and marx 3. language reform and mass literacy programs 4. mass campaigns to create enthusiasm and isolate opposition elements (anyone associated with the KMT). They formed committees in neighborhoods to get out/execute them. 5. street communities- very little privacy- encouraged people to report their neighbors or suspicious activity. Important in the cultural revolution...
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