chinese notes 4-4-08

chinese notes 4-4-08 - Chinese Communism Continued Mao...

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4/4/08 Chinese Communism Continued Mao recognized the revolutionary potential of the peasants. The CCP members go out to the countryside and live amongst the peasants to organize them. Communism starts among the urban, middle class, and intellectual elite. It doesn’t start as a peasant movement. Mao transforms Soviet communism into Chinese communism. Mao rejects traditional “feudal” society. He also rejects the European/western idea of communism and attempts to transform it into something Chinese. He is a good student and uses the Confucian texts to support his ideas. The ideological struggle Mao knew from the beginning the revolution wasn’t possible without the support of the peasants. Mao’s early years- born on Dec 1893 in a small village. His father had property but was a peasant. He forced Mao to drop out of school at 13 to work on the farm. Mao refused to leave school and rebelled. His father arranged a marriage for him at 13 but Mao rejected it and left home. Left to Chang Sha, the capital of Hunan. He went to high school there and became acquainted with the ideas of the revolutionaries. Joined a local revolutionary army and trained to take down the Manchus. He graduated from high school and followed one of his teachers to Beijing. Got a job in the library at Beijing Uni, where he became a communist. Published his first essay in New Youth magazine when he was 24. Mao was taught that Communism needed to be reformulated to fit conditions in China.
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chinese notes 4-4-08 - Chinese Communism Continued Mao...

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