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poli sci notes - May 4, 2006 Civil liberties- protections...

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May 4, 2006 Civil liberties- protections against gov’t. actions Ex. Freedom of press, speech Civil rights- participation in a poilitcal community Ex. Ability to vote Constitution influenced by race 3/5 clause, counts slaves as 3/5 of a person Slave trade: Congress will not have the power to regulate or limit the slave trade until 1808 Fugitive Slave Laws- slaves who have run away from their masters must be returned to them Fugitive Slave Act of 1973- gives the Nat’l gov’t a role in tracking down slaves and returning them to their masters Expansions Louisiana Purchase- surrounded with questions about slavery- will the new territories bee free or slave states? Missouri Compromise (1820)- divides the nation in half- states north of the mason Dixie line are free, south are slaves, except Missouri is slave. It begins to fall apart. The southern states realize they didn’t get a good deal. Liberty Party- was created earlier and was more radical in its demands. It only focused on the issue of slavery. Free Soil Party-becomes a part of the new Republican Party that is formed. The republicans become the party of abolition. After the Mexican War- leads to the acquisition of new territory. Northern Whigs opposed to this because they said it would inevitably lead to more slave states. Lincoln argues against the war with Mexico because it was just going to ensure the survival and expansion of slavery. After the war with Mexico ended, congressman David Wilmot introduced the Wilmot proviso. It would have banned slavery in all the new territory that would be conquered. The amendment failed but it gained national attention because it was the first real effort to halt slavery’s expansion. The controversy over this leads to the
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poli sci notes - May 4, 2006 Civil liberties- protections...

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