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Ryan Bemis INART 010 April 13, 2008 The Irony of Today’s Technology After reading The Turn Within: The Irony of Technology in a Globalized World by Susan Douglas I realized the two television texts that I would analyze would be reality television and television news. I decided to look at The Life of Ryan, a MTV reality television show based on the life of skateboard superstar Ryan Sheckler. The episode called “Cracks in the Crew” originally aired April 9 th but I watched it on on Saturday afternoon. The other type of media text discussed in Douglas’s article was television new programming and for this specific text, I picked ABC’s World News on Saturday night at 6:30. According to my analysis of the two shows, I have decided that they both support Douglas’s findings about contemporary television. The Susan Douglas piece draws upon the widely held notion that our world today is entering a phase known as globalization. Globalization is vaguely defined as a phase with great amounts of technology used in the world and the technology itself has enabled the world to be virtually linked everywhere. With the great dependence upon technology, one would normally think that one of the main uses of technology is to explore other civilizations. This, however, is not the case with our civilization. Our heightened dependence on technology has caused our society to develop more ethnocentrism thus resulting in a society with a focus on a “turn within” approach to civilization (Douglas 620). To Douglas, this “turn within” approach towards other civilizations is the base of her thesis. She says that our society is more entrenched in seeking knowledge about things from our own society thus further distancing the gap between our society and other societies. One
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contributing factor to her assumption is the rise of reality television since 9/11. From the year 2000 until now, reality television has become dominant on many airways. In one specific case, one-seventh of all television shows on ABC was a reality based television show (Douglas 632). These reality television shows are dominantly casted with young white Americans disputing
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paper2 - Ryan Bemis INART 010 April 13, 2008 The Irony of...

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