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Ryan Bemis Dr. Noce Mtkg 301 March 25, 2008 Assignment #4 Select any movie of your choice (no X-rated or pornographic movies, please). Watch the movie and document the product placements and the number of times you see each product placement. Why would the product producers pick this movie in which to feature their products? In light of technology to skip commercials, such as TiVo, do you think this is an effective way to “advertise”? What is your personal opinion of this type of promotion? Blades of Glory Products - Skittles – jimmy is eating them waiting for score - Bud Light – ad surrounds ring - Tic Tacs – jimmy eats them while sitting in court house - Capri Sun – jimmy is drinking it in limo after court ruling - Captain Morgan - Chaz drinks it when he’s wasted at show - DC shoes - background of warehouse - Milk Duds- person in stands eating them - Puma- clothing worn by Chaz and Jimmy - Adidas- clothing worn by Jimmy and Chaz - Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, Xbox 360,Nationwide, Footlocker- ads surrounding
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