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Ryan Bemis Mtkg 301 Dr. Noce April 9, 2008 Assignment #5 I went to the Buffalo Road Wal-Mart for this assignment. Layout- all of the house/home essentials such as hygiene products, thing to fix/for your house are on the right - Stuff for the individual such as clothes, toys, electronics are in the middle. - Food and bathroom stuff are on the left Floor - White floor to add to the brightness of the atmosphere. Lighting - Very bright lighting to make everything stand out in the store. Music - Noticed rock and popular music I think to add to the up beat atmosphere. Colors - Everything was white besides the markers for aisles and areas which were blue, green, and yellow which the eye sees clearly. Product points- In the food section, food most appealing to the egg like produce, pastries, frozen food are in the first few aisles then all the packaged (wrapped and
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Unformatted text preview: boxed) in the remaining aisles-Electronics in middle/back of store so you walk buy it and become interested when you go from one side of the store to the other.-In aisles it goes from cheapest to most expensive in the middle so when you walk down an aisle either way you see the cheapest items first. The way the store is set up I think adds to the idea that Wal-Mart is cheaper than the competition. Everything you see on the sides of the stores is cheap and especially when you walk down the aisles you witness the cheap theme to the store. Also, the brightness of everything makes everything sold in the store stand out. Everything the store is easy to find because it all stands out so clear that it adds to the shopping ease while there....
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