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Ryan Bemis April 9, 2008 Bi Sci 003 Pg. 480-481 summary Reading this article really has made me realize what pollution has done to our world and especially close to home at that. Lake Erie was pronounced dead in the late 70s and several native fish of all the Great Lakes are now extinct from all of the pollution. It wasn’t even until 1972 that U.S. and Canada made it illegal to omit pollution directly into the lakes. Once they did that Lake Erie’s fish started to return. Now Lake Erie is loaded with fish but some of them are unsafe to eat. Still, with the Green Revolution our society is experiencing, it is not advised to eat fish caught in the lakes. However, the direct pouring of pollution into the lakes doesn’t happen,
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Unformatted text preview: there is still pollution poured into the lakes via rain and runoffs. It is sad to think that we are not even advised to eat the fish that many people catch because of the pollution. Back in the day, fishing was a huge thing and now future generations at this rate won’t be able to experience it. Although, Lake Erie and the other lakes are improving there still has to be tremendous strides in controlling air pollution and other ways runoffs happen. I really hope that I can take my kids fishing when I’m older and know what they are eating will hurt them....
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