Practice Exam -- 240 - Dr Michael Passer PRACTICE EXAM 2...

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Dr. Michael Passer Psych 101, U. of Washington PRACTICE EXAM 2 DEAR STUDENT: This practice tests consists of actual questions from past exams. By taking this practice test, you should gain an idea of whether you understand the course material as well as you think you do. Research studies – and data from past Psych 101 classes – show that many students overestimate how well they know the material. Before you take the practice test, please carefully read the CAUTIONS below. CAUTION #1: These questions are only a SAMPLE of the many questions that could have been asked. Please don't come away from this test thinking that the content in the items below is the only content you need to study. CAUTION #2: Trying to “Memorize” Answers to Practice Test Questions: A Dangerous Approach. Some students try to memorize the answers to the practice test questions, rather than use the questions as a way to measure whether they understand the underlying concepts. This can be a big mistake for two reasons. First, when you see a question on an actual exam, sometimes it may look similar to a practice test question, but if so much as a single key word is different, then it becomes a different question entirely and has a different answer. Sometimes students come to my office and say “Why did I get this question wrong? I put down answer C and on the practice test C was the correct answer.” And then I show them how they didn’t read the actual test question carefully enough, and that the actual test asked about Concept X whereas the practice test asked about Concept Y, even though the wording of the rest of the question was the same. On the actual test, read every question carefully and treat it as a “fresh” question. CAUTION #3: Some students do not look at this exam until a day or two before the real exam, by which time they have done all the readings and have studied for the real test. Then they use this practice exam and the answer key as a way to measure how well they understand the material. Other students are curious to see what types of questions are on the test, so they look at this practice test when it becomes available, or before they’ve studied. Curiosity is understandable. Just realize that if you look at this exam before studying, and then take the exam as a practice test after studying, your score may be inflated because you “knew” what questions were on this test in advance. Of course, if you look at the exam AND the answer key out of curiosity now, then the exam becomes worthless as a practice test later! So don't look at the answer key just out of curiosity! KEEP SCORE: Score how many questions you answer correctly. Don't rely on a subjective impression (e.g., "I got most of them right" could mean you got 70% correct, which is less than a grade of C). To convert your practice test score to a grade, do the following. 1. Multiply the number of questions you answer correctly by 2.5
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This note was uploaded on 04/24/2008 for the course PSYCH 101 taught by Professor Passer during the Spring '07 term at University of Washington.

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Practice Exam -- 240 - Dr Michael Passer PRACTICE EXAM 2...

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